Why Peddie?

Imagine yourself at Peddie, where every day is a brilliant new beginning.

A chance to share your ideas, engage your passions to reach your potential and realize your purpose, here and in the world.

In our community, everyone is known and valued. We are constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves, and support others in their own pursuits. We are fearless enough to take smart risks, but flexible enough to change our minds in the face of new information or new circumstances or a better idea. We thrive on debate, ask challenging questions and work collaboratively to solve problems.

We begin each day wanting to be better than we were yesterday, as individuals and as a community.

Our students are:

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The Peddie Difference

We have a passion for teaching.

We see teaching as an exchange of ideas and an experience between a seasoned mentor and a bright young mind. Every new program we offer, every new facility we build, every innovation we make to our curriculum is designed to support great teaching, in the classroom and the lab, on the playing field and the stage, in the residence hall and the wider world.

We develop brilliantly complex students who are on a path to make a difference in the world.

We offer a high-powered academic program alongside exceptional opportunities in athletics, service and leadership. The most important requirements for admission are excitement, curiosity and character. We encourage students to explore new possibilities, and facilitate their efforts.

Our alumni are building the future.

A Peddie education develops independent-minded, public-spirited men and women capable of doing hard, complicated, endlessly varied work in communities around the world. Our alumni go on to prestigious colleges and universities and pursue meaningful careers. These are people who wake up every morning and think of ways to push the world forward.

We're a community that both parents and students help create.

We're proud to be a school that feels like a family. We make space for parents and students to explore the meaning of independence, to consider the responsibilities of being a member of both a family and a community. We collaborate with parents to cultivate healthy growth, productive habits, satisfying relationships and bright outcomes.

Citizenship means we do the right thing.

We empower our students to make educated, thoughtful decisions, to make mistakes and learn from them, so that they are prepared to make a lifetime of decisions that will define who they are and how they interact with the world around them. We make decisions together and on our own; we support each other and always strive to become better people — here and in the world.

We're inspired by a sense of place.

Our campus--including our lively residential program--feels like home. And it's set in the middle of a region known around the world for innovation in every field--technology and culture, medicine and finance. There are an infinite number of ways to be inspired here.

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