The Financial Picture: An Overview

Strong philanthropic support and conservative management of Peddie’s financial resources are central to executing the school’s mission. During the 2020–2021 fiscal year, Peddie received cash gifts totaling $11,305,280 from pledge payments, realized bequests and new cash gifts to The Peddie Fund, the endowment and capital projects. Within this impressive total, $9,411,737 was from new gifts and pledges.

New endowment gifts and pledges: $5,629,695 

New current-use unrestricted gifts to The Peddie Fund: $2,485,218 

New capital gifts and pledges: $1,033,077 

New restricted gifts and gifts pending designation: $263,747

Income from tuition, fees and the endowment are essential and remained consistent despite uncertainty during the last fiscal year. The Investment Committee also remained committed to investing Peddie’s resources for long-term growth. Peddie owns a diversified portfolio of quality assets and maintains ample liquidity to be opportunistic during inevitable periods of market volatility. We believe this strategy will generate attractive returns over the long term and are pleased to share that, as of June 30, 2021, Peddie’s endowment was valued at just over $451 million. 

As we seek to advance Peddie’s endowment over the $500 million mark, we also endeavor to increase current-use, unrestricted Peddie Fund dollars over $3 million in the 2021–2022 fiscal year. By elevating support for The Peddie Fund, we enhance our ability to meet immediate needs without drawing extensively on the endowment. Every gift makes an impact, and we accelerate our progress together.



57% Tuition and Fees

32% Endowment Income

6% Current-use Unrestricted
       (The Peddie Fund)

4% Auxiliary Enterprises

1% Other



73% Program Support

12% Institutional Support

8% Fundraising

7% Auxiliary Enterprises



60% New Endowment Gifts
          and Pledges

26% New Current-Use
         Unrestricted Gifts

11% New Capital Gifts
        and Pledges

3% New Restricted Gifts and
       Gifts Pending Designation

* Of the total raised, 18% came from planned gifts.