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Your gift exemplifies the strength of our community.

Tuition and fees do not cover the entire cost of the extraordinary education Peddie provides. The Peddie Fund helps to bridge this gap, supporting faculty, academic and extracurricular programming, community life and financial aid — all of which serve to enrich the life of the school and ensure the Peddie legacy.

Your participation will serve as a meaningful statement about your family's Peddie experience. Give to the Peddie Fund because you believe in our mission, the dedication of our faculty and staff and the limitless potential of a Peddie education.


Having benefited greatly from the Peddie experience, I am keenly aware of the impact and return my contribution can have. I'd like to think it enables kids to realize and access their potential — something that happens in a special way in the Peddie community that is hard to replicate. Jackie Shoback ’84


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The Peddie Fund: FAQs

Why does Peddie need to raise money?

Tuition and fees cover only 55 percent of Peddie's annual operating budget. As a private school, Peddie does not receive funding from the state or federal government. The remaining gap is closed through gifts, endowment income and income from other sources. While the endowment provides long-term financial stability to the school, the Peddie Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts, and provides immediate resources which directly impact the educational experience of our current students.

How does my gift help?

Your gift sends a powerful message about the difference Peddie has made in the life of your family, and shows that our community supports the school and its mission, which has an impact on how prospective families, foundations and rating agencies view the school.

Can I designate my Peddie Fund Gift for a specific purpose?

Yes. Gifts to the Peddie fund can be designated in two ways:

  1. The School's greatest need. Your gift will be used to meet Peddie's highest priorities, ensuring Peddie continues its tradition of excellence.
  2. Peddie Fund Preference. Your gift will send a message about what part of the Peddie experience matters most to you: arts, athletics, community life, faculty and staff, or financial aid

I can't give a large gift. Will my donation have an impact?

Absolutely. In 2017-2018, gifts of $100 or less totaled over $76,000!

While leadership level support is very important to the continued growth of the school, participation by as many members of the community as possible is critical. The number of participants in the Peddie Fund each year speaks to the strength of legacy and community at Peddie.


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The Peddie Fund, instituted in


sustains Peddie's legacy of giving
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Laura Hazlett

Laura Hazlett

Director of Peddie Fund, Head Coach, Girls' Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Kelly Jo Burnett

Kelly Jo Burnett

Associate Director, Peddie Fund Reunions, Head Coach, Girls' Lacrosse
Mary Mahoney

Mary Mahoney

Associate Director, Peddie Fund Leadership