Parent volunteer opportunities

Peddie is proud to have a strong and energized volunteer community that helps us reach new goals. Our parents are in a class by themselves. Their dedication throughout the year keeps Peddie’s ongoing quest for excellence on track while also enriching their connection to the school and its students. 

Peddie Fund Parent Committee

Help grow The Peddie Fund, the school’s most important fundraising initiative. The Peddie Fund provides unrestricted, current-use dollars and fuels virtually every facet of the Peddie experience, supplying everything needed to give our students a superior education. Throughout the year, committee members reach out to parents to help them understand how The Peddie Fund benefits our students and faculty. After educating parents, committee members also ask them to consider making an unrestricted, current-use gift of any size to The Peddie Fund. To learn more, please email

Peddie Parents Association

The Peddie Parents Association (PPA) serves as an invaluable link between families and the school. All parents at Peddie offer gifts of their time, talent and enthusiasm, hosting a wide variety of in-person or virtual events for students and families around the world. Volunteer opportunities with the PPA are available for all parents, both boarding and day families. To learn more about getting involved, please email


Peddie parents cheer during Peddie-Blair Day
We support Peddie because we see in our son the difference Peddie makes in the lives of students. It is more than an education; it is a community where children develop into the best version of themselves."Richard & Jennifer Piepszak P'21 '23