Peddie Summer Academy

July 9 - July 22, 2023



At Peddie, we balance academic growth with extracurricular exploration. Our classrooms center around creativity, collaboration and innovation. When we’re not in the classroom, we’re challenging ourselves on the athletic field or in the art studio. We work together and we contribute to a community that’s greater than ourselves.

The Peddie Summer Academy (PSA) mirrors the Peddie experience. We go to classes, we pursue extracurriculars, we eat meals together and we live together in the dormitories. Through an expertly-crafted classroom experience and intentional extracurricular programming, students will gain a broader sense of Peddie and boarding school life in general.

Our program runs for 14 days, from July 9 until July 22, with an on-campus “weekend” partway through. All students will live in dormitories and stay on campus for the program duration. The days will be fast-paced, with three elective courses in the morning and creative and athletic programming in the afternoon.




Every student will enroll in three electives: one STEM elective, one humanities elective, and one art elective. All classes will be designed and taught by the Peddie faculty.


STEM electives will vary across physical, environmental, and life sciences disciplines. All STEM courses will heavily emphasize experimental design and data analysis.


Humanities electives will use various historical lenses to discuss the human condition and address modern society’s challenges. The humanities courses will also utilize short stories and develop descriptive writing skills.


The art electives will allow students to explore their creative interests and learn how to demonstrate passion through artistic media. Students will have the option to explore two-dimensional art using traditional painting and drawing or three-dimensional constructions.

Please note – The courses listed above are sample electives. Enrolled students will receive a course registration form in April with complete course offerings. We hope to accommodate all course requests.




At Peddie, we have fun as a community both on and off campus. We’ll utilize Peddie’s beautiful acreage and facilities for tennis, volleyball, kickball, craft sessions and karaoke. Off-campus evening activities include a trip to the local sculpture garden, dinner in nearby Princeton, indoor rock climbing and other fun surprises. We’ll even have two days off: one day of sustainability programming and community clean-up and another day of fun in the sun at the nearby Jersey Shore. Evening programs focus on forming connections while enjoying board games, cooking challenges and campfires. We’ll hold conversations centered on developing healthy habits, community living, leadership and other central ideas. These sessions will reflect real conversations we have at Peddie and will be facilitated by past and present Peddie students.