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James Truslow

Director of External Programs

Textbook Ordering

How to order textbooks

It is important that you order your books in time to receive them before school starts. Please allow for adequate shipping time when ordering books, so that you can have them in time for the first day of school. Summer school is only six weeks long and not having books only hurts your own performance. Students in credit courses will not be allowed to continue their course if they do not have the proper text and edition.

We are no longer working with an online bookstore. Textbooks may be purchased wherever you choose, but the book MUST have the identical ISBN# listed. For ISBN numbers, and for links to purchase books via Amazon:


Books must be identified by the ISBN book number. You may buy your book from another provider, but the ISBN number must be exactly the same as the one listed in the "Order Textbooks" document.
Textbooks will not be sold from the Summer School office. Each student is required to have their own textbook. Sharing of books during class time is not permitted. If the class you are taking does not have a textbook listed, your child will receive further information on the first day of class.
Students should bring a notebook and pencils, along with their textbooks, on the first day of school, and should be prepared to do work at the first class.