Life at Peddie

You'll look great in blue and gold.

We're home to students, faculty, and staff who are fully engaged in the community experience. Our faculty live in the dorms, our day students stay on campus long after classes have ended, and our boarding students come from all over the country and around the world.

We have family-style dinners and school picnics; we have regular visits from renowned artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs; we have Chapel, where community members share stories, songs, and ideas that matter to them. Our dorm parents develop programs both intellectual (debates about ethics and leadership) and entertaining (Elf parties). And we have easy access to amazing things off campus - trips to New York for Chinese New Year, or just into town for a great slice of pizza.

You'll be part of an exceptionally smart and incredibly warm global family when you're on Peddie's campus.


The short guide to life at Peddie


Advisor meeting

Your advisor will help you navigate your academic path at Peddie, but your relationship will transcend the classroom. You'll meet with your advisor for regular check-ins and share meals with your advisee group on a regular basis. If you have questions, need a helping hand, or just want to share some good news, your advisor will want to hear about it.

Advisors at Peddie are there for their students.


Community Meeting

Every Wednesday we gather in Geiger-Reeves Hall for announcements, class contests, pep rallies, guest speakers, awards and other activities. It's run by students, for students - and there's always a surprise in store!

Community and Service

ESL community service

At Peddie, we recognize the importance of building community. You can make a difference in our neighborhood by choosing from multiple off-campus service opportunities, including teaching English as a second language, visiting with senior citizens or volunteering at our local food bank.



Here, you'll find all of your homework assignments and engage in discussions with your classmates and teachers about upcoming projects, classroom assignments, and assessment topics.

Dorm Bonding

dorm bonding

Excitement filled opportunities such as yoga, Cake Wars competitions, kickball, or simply talking to your dorm parent about anything you may need.

Dorm Supe

dorm supe

Your dorm supe (or dorm supervisor) is your cheerleader, advocate and point of contact for your residential life. Along with the other dorm faculty, they enforce dorm rules and encourage dorm fun.

Standards of dress

Your student handbook will give you all the details, but at Peddie our dress reflects our belief that personal appearance affects manners, morale, attitude and general conduct in any community. We have standards of dress specific to the academic day, formal school events and mealtimes.

Family Style

One evening every week, you'll bond with the rest of the community at a sit-down dinner. Wearing "family style" dress - jackets and ties, skirts or dresses, you'll share an old-school family meal with faculty and fellow students.



Peddie On Campus Orientation - your first introduction to life as a Peddie student. Held at the start of every school year during opening weekend, POCO is filled with fun and will make you feel right at home.



Your go to student on the day of your arrival! Junior and senior student leaders who serve as role models and mentors for younger students. They'll give you advice on how to deal with overall transition to life at Peddie.


Scheduled Saturday Night Activities - movies, plays, trampoline parks, mall trips, sporting events, and amusement parks, to name a few. All students are welcome to attend - free of charge.

Study Hall

study hall

Held weekly from 8:00-10:00 p.m., Study Hall is reserved quiet time on campus for homework and review. Faculty and prefects are available in the dorms and review and extra help sessions are held in faculty apartments or classrooms.

Sarah Crider Venanzi, Ph.D., director of residential life, science teacher and girls' varsity basketball coach, shares a typical day in the life at Peddie.

Residential life at Peddie
Peddie School dawn
I love coming back to campus on the weekends for Saturday Night Activities like going to the movies with friends. Kavya BORRA '20, day student

There are so many opportunities here!

Our clubs and organizations are the source of some of the most inspiring ideas on campus. The list includes service projects, social events, performances and more!

Hightstown Living


Located in the heart of New Jersey, Hightstown is home to national franchises and independent shopkeepers, to pizza and bagels and food from Jamaica and India and Japan, to a farmers market and the Hometown Harvest Fair, and to much more. It's close to several malls and shopping centers; it's close to the beach. It's close to the intellectual supernova that is Princeton (the university and the town). It's equidistant from Philadelphia and New York--which means field trips and cultural events and internships and research opportunities that are available nowhere else on the planet. It's ours, it's home, and it's close to everything that can take you very, very far.


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Student Life Team

Peter McClellan

Peter McClellan

Assistant Head for Student Life
Michael Agosto

Michael Agosto

Director of Community Life
Doreen Duck

Doreen Duck

Administrative Assistant
Stefanie Graefe

Stefanie Graefe

Dean of Students, 9th Grade, Head Coach, Girls' Varsity Golf
Allison Park

Allison Park

Director of Student Leadership Development
Joshua Sham

Joshua Sham

Dean of Students, 10th Grade
Sarah Venanzi

Sarah Venanzi

Director of Residential Life, Head Coach, Girls' Varsity Basketball
Leigh Wood

Leigh Wood

Dean of Students, 11th Grade