Chapel Program

The Peddie community gathers twice a week in Ayer Memorial Chapel to focus on one of the school's core values: balance. Students and faculty share pieces of music or literature, which are followed by Chapel talks. These talks are as diverse as our student body itself, often personal, sometimes spiritual, occasionally humorous, and always moving.

Ayer Memorial Chapel

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke in the Ayer Memorial Chapel in 1957, he was not yet widely known, but his heartfelt speech would affect Peddie graduates for the rest of their lives. More than 50 years later, the chapel has hosted presidents and governors, scholars and scientists, friends and alumni -- and students who will become all of those things themselves.

Dedicated in 1951 to the young Peddie men who died in World War II, and funded by donations of their classmates and fellow alumni, the Chapel stands as a monument to the school's deep history. It remains a literal and figurative centerpiece of the Peddie campus and student life, a reminder of all those who came before.

Johan Johnson

Johan Johnson

B.A., Clark University
M.Div., Union Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Fordham University

Chapel Talk: Zam

English teacher, Summer Signature coordinator and founder of the Sophomore Bike Trip, Patrick Clements shares the story of his sabbatical last spring, a south-to-north trek through the United States "following stories of slavery, white terrorism, Jim Crow, movement towards freedom, the Great Migration, the Blues, abolitionism, the Underground Railroad, and the astonishing power and complexity of the American land and people."

Chapel Talk: Share away

Michael Agosto is an associate director of admission, coordinator of multicultural recruitment, director of Peddie's on campus orientation program, dorm faculty member and student advisor. His office, located at the heart of campus (next to the bell in Annenberg Hall), is the heart of campus in myriad ways, almost always filled with students and faculty alike. Mr. Agosto opened this year's Chapel program with a fitting directive to the community: "Share away."