Summer Signature Experience

Summer vacation just got a whole lot more interesting.

The Summer Signature Experience enables you to spend the summer before their senior year pursuing your passion.

Freed from the limits of school and geography, you can use the world as your classroom in ways impossible during the school year. Whether academic, artistic, spiritual or political in nature, the distinguishing element in a successful Signature project is its independent quality. Under the guidance of a faculty director, you'll spend the winter and spring developing an intellectual grounding for your project.

Past projects include studying the communal life of Roman Catholic nuns in New Jersey, exploring Latvian culture and creating a functioning aquaponics system on Peddie’s campus. No matter what you do, the result is a uniquely designed project that will remain an integral part of your academic and life experience.

Peddie Summer Signature Experience
Signature experiences allow you to take your studies beyond the classroom. As part of his signature experience,
Cole Neely '18 traveled to Berlin, Germany and developed a portraiture travelogue about the people he met there.