Express yourself.

You're creative: on the stage, on the canvas, on your musical instrument of choice. Explore your passion for music, theater or visual arts with the Arts Signature Experience.

Pick your area of interest and expand your craft through Culture Bus trips to museums, concert halls, theaters and lectures. Take private lessons tailored to you and your work. Attend workshops with visiting artists and work with them in small groups or even one-on-one. Participate in school productions, performances and exhibitions. Perform in non-extracurricular environments like on-campus coffeehouses or at chapel. Participate in speaking contests. Join auditioned on-campus ensemble musical groups. Enroll in off-campus summer programs to deepen your abilities and immerse yourself in your chosen field. Your work will culminate in a public performance or exhibition senior year.

Peddie Arts Signature Experience
When Maggie Hart '17 began to develop her visual arts project, she knew she wanted to have an authentic artists's experience. She spent her summer living on her own in Philadelphia, taking digital art classed by day and creating remarkable paintings by night.

I told myself I had to make one type of art piece per day, whether it be sight sketching or natural painting, and I ended up making a full-on painting every two days. I ended up with a real portfolio.MAGGIE HART '17