Support Rise through LaLa and MiMi’s Pajama Project

Lauren and Mackenzie Multari, and together we are LaLa and MiMi’s Pajama Project. 

In kindergarten, Lauren '23 and Mackenzie '23 Multari collected pajamas to donate to a national organization instead of receiving gifts at our birthday parties. This eventually led us to start our own non-profit, LaLa and MiMi’s Pajama Project. We donate pajamas to kids in need all over Mercer County. Since kindergarten, we have donated almost over 10,000 pairs of pajamas. 

This year, Rise has reached out to us with a list of about 975 kids who all need pajamas, and we need your help!! Please consider picking up a pair or two of pajamas (Walmart has a great sale of $4.75) while you are doing your holiday shopping. Our most needed sizes for this are school sizes, about 6-16. Although we have given out a lot of pajamas, we are small and lacking funds, and we really don’t want this to be our first time saying no. 

Pajamas can be dropped in the box on the dining hall landing between Thanksgiving and Winter break. Cash donations are also accepted via the PayPal link on our website. Questions? Email