Second annual Mini-Purge December 3-17: Battle of the classes

Similar to the annual end-of-year purge, the Mini-Purge is a chance to do good while cleaning, packing and reorganizing. Donations will earn your class points towards an awesome ice cream party, but more importantly, they will benefit members of the local community. Donation boxes for each class will be located in Annenberg Hall and the Grille, and the winning class will be announced before Winter Break.

Donations needed (and points awarded)


  • T-shirt/dress/blouse- 10 points
  • Shorts/Skirt- 10 points
  • Shoes- 15 points
  • Coat/Jacket- 20 points
  • Sweatshirt- 15 points
  • Unworn socks- 5 points

  • Blankets:10 points per blanket

School Supplies 

  • Notebook- 1 point
  • Binder- 1 point
  • Pack of looseleaf paper -  1 point
  • 10 pencils and or pens/ highlighters- 1 point


  • Travel size toiletries- 1 point
  • Full size toiletries- 3 Points