Peddie A.M. announcements

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Information about delayed openings, school cancellations and emergency situations will be communicated through our website ( and through the FalconAlert text message system to registered cell phones. Since FalconAlert is character-restricted, we will use it to provide only brief information. More detail will be available through follow up emails and on our website.

If you have not yet registered for FalconAlert register here

Inclement weather: There will be days of bad weather when it will be difficult for day students to get to school on time or to attend school at all, even if classes at Peddie remain in session. Day students are welcome to make arrangements to spend an occasional night in the dorm due to inclement weather. 

We trust you, as our students’ parents and guardians, to determine whether it is safe for your children to travel to school. We urge you to err on the side of caution. If you judge the roads unsafe for driving please call the Deans Office (609.944.7505) and your children will be excused due to weather conditions. Our faculty will work with your children to help them catch up on any work they miss as a result of weather-related absences.