Frequently asked questions

List of 20 frequently asked questions.

  • When should I apply to Peddie?

    Applications should be completed in the fall/winter of the year before anticipated enrollment. Applications must be received by January 15, 2017 to guarantee a March 10 decision notification. Interviews may be scheduled and completed before the application is submitted and should be scheduled at your earliest convenience. For international applicants, please note that Part I (Student Biographic) of the Standard Application Online of the application must be submitted on-line before an interview may be scheduled.
  • Will I be able to afford Peddie?

    With the help of a generous gift from Ambassador Walter Annenberg ’27, the large Peddie endowment now supports an annual need-based financial-aid budget totalling $6 million annually. This year 40% of Peddie students receive some level of aid.
    For more information about our Financial Aid program, please click on Financial Aid FAQs.
  • Is an interview required?

    We encourage every family to come to campus for a personal interview and a tour of campus. We believe it is the best way to see the strengths of Peddie and we enjoy meeting our applicants in person. However, if distance makes travel prohibitive, a phone interview with an admission officer may be arranged. Domestic applicants  should complete a inquiry form or complete Part I (Student Biographic) of the Standard Application Online (SAO) before calling 609-944-7501 to schedule an interview. For international applicants, please note that Part I (Student Biographic) of the SAO must be submitted on-line before an interview may be scheduled.
  • How do we arrange a visit to campus?

    Please call the Office of Admission at 609-944-7501 and we will be pleased to make arrangements for your visit. We begin our interviews on September 28th. For international applicants, please note that Part I (Student Biographic) of the Standard Application Online (SAO) must be submitted on-line before an interview may be scheduled. Domestic applicants should complete an inquiry form or complete the Student Biographic of the SAO before calling 609-944-7501 to schedule an interview.
  • What if I can not make it to campus for an inteview?

    We believe a visit to campus is the best way to experience Peddie and, therefore strongly recommend that each applicant visit the school for a tour and an interview with an admission officer. However, if distance makes a personal visit impossible we can schedule a telephone or skype interview. Please call 609-944-7501 to schedule.
  • If I indicate that I will need financial aid, will it hurt my child’s chances for admission?

    If you think you need financial aid, you should apply. Admission applications are read without regard to a family's ability to pay. Only in the final phase is the selection process "need aware" as the Admission Committee weighs its decision against available funds.
  • What is the PG program?

    The term PG refers to a Post Graduate student. PGs are students who have graduated from high school but wish to pursue an additional year of study at an independent boarding school before moving on to a college or university. Peddie traditionally enrolls as many as 15 PGs each year. Students often consider a PG year for academic, personal, social and/or athletic reasons.
  • What is the application process for the PG program?

    Applicants for the PG program follow the same application procedures as other students interested in attending Peddie. PG candidates should submit SAT or ACT scores and a graded writing sample in addition to the other application materials.
  • Are PGs eligible to compete in interscholastic athletics?

    PGs may participate in interscholastic athletics provided he or she does not turn 19 years old before September 1 of the year in which they attend Peddie. Please note that MAPL rules limit the number of post-graduate students on the roster for football -- no more than 4 -- and for boys' basketball -- no more than 2. PG candidates interested in athletics should contact the Head Coach of the the program(s) in which they have an interest.
  • How close is the nearest airport?

    Newark's Liberty Airport is only about 45 minutes from Peddie and is easily acccessible. New York's La Guardia and JFK airports are a little more than an hour from campus. Students may also fly into Philadelphia, which is slightly over an hour from Peddie.
  • How far is Peddie from major cities?

    Peddie is approximately one hour from New York City and one hour from Philadelphia. Princeton, New Jersey is about 20 minutes away from campus.
  • How many students will be in each grade next year?

    Peddie will have 106 freshmen, 138 sophomores, 144 juniors, 141 seniors and 13 postgraduates.
  • Where do Peddie students come from?

    In 2015-16, Peddie had citizens of 29 different countries and residents of 26 different states in our student body.
  • Is Peddie a diverse community?

    Peddie is proud of its diverse student body, which is made up of students of all backgrounds from arond the world and across the U.S. About 26% of our students are U.S. students of color. Fourteen percent of our students are international students and we have citizens of 30 different countries enrolled. The richness of our diversity contributes to students' growth as informed, caring citizens while adding depth and relevancy to our classroom discussions.
  • How accessible are teachers at Peddie?

    Of the approximately 90 teachers at Peddie, 90% live on campus and are available to meet with students during free periods and conference periods, as well as in the evenings.
  • Does Peddie offer a large variety of sports and activities?

    Consistent with Peddie's interest in providing a healthy balance of work and play, mastery and experiment; and attention to mind, body, and spirit, Peddie offers 22 varsity and 23 junior varsity and freshman sports, and more than 35 clubs and organizations, such as the Math Club, Multicultural Alliance, Environmental Club, Peddie Singers, and the Young Entrepreneurs Stock Market Club.
  • How many Peddie students take Advanced Placement (AP) exams?

    Last year,  248 Peddie students sat for 543 AP exams in 19 subject areas, with eighty-three percent scoring a 4 or 5 (the highest scores possible).
  • Do I need to bring a computer to Peddie?

    No. All Peddie students are given a laptop computer, which is included in the tuition. Our technology team provides all of the necessary academic software and tech support. Laptops are used in every discipline in Peddie's curriculum.
  • Are all of the buildings equipped with internet access?    

    Yes! All of our academic facilities are fully wireless and each laptop has wireless technology included. All of the dormitories are wired for network access and students may access the Peddie Information Network from their own dorm rooms.
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