Workstations and Client Software – Every student and faculty member is issued a laptop computer as part of a 1:1 laptop program which was started in 1998. While the 1:1 laptop program is well established, Peddie is not complacent. Peddie is constantly looking at new technologies and educational trends when selecting the technological programs that will best support the mission of the Peddie School. The 1:1 program allows students, teachers, and parents to focus on education and not on wrestling with technology. In the classroom, teachers know that students have a tool that will do what they need it to do. When a student has a problem with a laptop such as a cracked screen, they know that all they need to do is come to the Technology Center and their issue will be fixed usually while they wait, and never more than a few hours. Students keep their Peddie-issued laptop until they graduate including during major breaks and over the summer.

Messaging - The Peddie School was one of the first independent high schools to migrate fully to Google Apps for Education back in September 2008. Google Apps for Education has since been widely adopted in schools. In addition to email and calendar, Google Apps for Education provides access to most other Google tools.

Peddie Network – All Peddie School buildings are connected via an extensive gigabit fiber backbone. All academic buildings and dormitory lounges are equipped with wireless access points to provide wireless coverage. Peddie currently has approximately 150 wireless access points on campus. All dormitory room are equipped with wired ports for each student and we plan to begin rolling out full wireless dormitory coverage in the summer of 2013.

Internet Access – The Peddie School's Network is connected to the Internet via an enterprise class 100Mbps connection and a Verizon FiOS connection. These connections are managed to ensure quality of service. We block web sites which students never have a legitimate reason for visiting such as overtly pornographic sites and sites dedicated to fostering plagiarism.

Printers – With over 65 networked printers on campus a printer is never far away. Printers are in every dormitory, the campus center, each academic department, on each floor in every academic building, the library, and other locations.

Servers – The Peddie School has approximately 20 physical servers including the latest generation blade servers and 30+ logical servers running Windows Server and Linux. Our virtual servers run on a robust VMWare backbone. A host of equipment supports these servers including enterprise backup, UPS and backup generator, LeftHand storage, and other devices. This equipment is housed in a state of the art data center.

Classrooms – All Peddie School classrooms are extremely well equipped with audio-visual equipment including mounted projectors, SMART boards, document cameras, DVD players, and sound systems. In addition, academic departments have equipment specific to their needs. The Art department has a well-equipped digital video editing classroom.

Personal Video Equipment - The library maintains an ample supply of digital still and video cameras which are available for students to check out. - The Peddie School web site was created from the ground up and launched on September 5, 2003. The current version of the site was launched in August 2012. The site was built by WhippleHill Communications working closely with a team of Peddie faculty and staff. We are constantly updating and improving the site. We would like to thank the Levys (Jordan ' 83, Denise ' 85, Mike ' 87, and Scott ' 89) for purchasing the PEDDIE.COM domain and donating it to Peddie. This gift both protects the Peddie name and makes it easier to find our web site.

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