Signature Experience at Peddie

Summer Signature Experience

The Summer Signature Experience enables a select group of students to spend three to six weeks of the summer before their senior year pursuing their passions and intellectual interests.

Freed from some of the limits of school and geography, students developing Signature Experiences can use the world as their classroom in ways impossible during the school year. Whether academic, artistic, spiritual or political in nature, the distinguishing element in a successful Signature project is its independent quality. Under the guidance of a faculty director, selected students spend the winter and spring developing an intellectual grounding for their project.

From studying the communal life of Roman Catholic nuns in New Jersey, to exploring Latvian culture, to creating a functioning aquaponics system on Peddie’s campus, the result is a uniquely designed project that will remain an integral part of a student’s academic and life experience.

Recent Summer Signature Experiences

Alternate Therapies:
Personalizing healing strategies at Riverside Medical Center
Amistad y Fe: Community between parishes in New Jersey and La Morena
Building Democracy through NGOs: Redefining women's roles in Uganda
Inventing Marketing in China:
Techno-struggling in a start-up education

Communal Life in the Desert:
Modern Kibbutzim in the Negev
Appropriate Technology and Nutrition: Tech Solutions and Social Benefit for African Markets
Modern Lithuania: Breaking Away from the U.S.S.R.
Children and Sports Awareness in Kunming: From Service to Business for Third Graders
School Children at Ground Zero: Their Stories Fourteen Years Later
An App for That?: Designing Full System Diabetes Management

Serving women and girls in South India: From nomadic villages to Muslim slums
Studying perilous reefs in Honduras: Mangroves, overfishing and fragile ecosystems
Serving a generation lost in the torrent: Teaching the “Left-Behind” children in Anhui Province
A playwright's journey: Learning the craft, living the writer’s life
Seeing through wings at Yale: Investigation of transparency of butterfly wings
Deserving credit in Bangladesh: On the ground with the Grameen Bank in Dhaka
From Interlochen to Berklee: Learning the Songwriter’s Craft
Far beyond the tourist stop in Maine: Serving the Vulnerable in Androscoggin County
Building a business "Project Monster": Teaching Children Waste Management and Recycling
Dance and education with kids in Ahmedabad: Exploring the Connection Among Urban Poor in India
Exploring French language and culture: Immersion in the Working World of Paris
The people of Franklin Park: A Documentary on the Lives of Homeless in DC.
First World obstetrics and emergency mercy: Making Rounds in D.C.; Working an ER in Port-au-Prince
Pass the cheese, please: Immersion in Culture & Language on the Cote d’Azur
Beyond wishing: Building Confidence in Kids Close to Home
Managing volunteers across the globe: Serving kids in Beijing, Hightstown, Dominican Republic
From biomachinery to canvas on 59th Street: Biomedical Gear at Bellevue as a Keystone to Art
On the edge in Culebra: Shepherding Sea Turtles, Shoreline and a Motley Community 
Weaving cultures with search engines: Working in a Korean IT Company, in China, Targeting Japan
Sacred music in monastic communities: Singing with Brothers and Sisters Across America
Refugees & Immigrants Seeking Asylum: Language and Culture in Philadelphia
Sleeping rough in inner city London: Exploring Homelessness Within Affluence
Girls Across America: Exploring Notions of Normal
From Harlem to Xela: Caring for Kids in Need
Lost children in Jaibon: Ironies in Child Development in the Dominican Republic
PTSD and modern medicine: Exploring Unconventional Therapies
Religion, Culture and Shifting Tolerance: Homestay Research in Southern Spain
 “Parthenomics” in Greece:  The Cost of Classic Art in the Modern World
Structural engineering in Vancouver: Designing Stability into a Toronto High-Rise
Economic freedom and social restriction: Lessons from Teaching and Homestay in Xian and Beijing.
Aquaponics in action: Food, Efficiency, and Poverty
Crossing cultures in Tibet: Diminishing Biodiversity, Tibetan Medicine, & Teaching Monks Lacrosse
VolunTEEN – Not Just a Clever Name:  A Summer in Children’s Hospital, Downtown Atlanta
Shakespeare in Princeton: Acting, Producing & Directing A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream
Body awareness and special physical therapy: Serving Children through “Abilities in Action”
Disc degeneration: Interning at the L.A. Spine Institute, Santa Monica
Optimizing energy transfer: Laser  Research at MIRTHE Lab in Princeton
Chips and antennae: Robotics Research at Johns Hopkins University
Capital for Chinese farmers: Microfinance in Shaaxi Province
Microfinance at Mallig rural bank: Serving small business women in the Philippines
China & India: Economics, Cultures, and Politics in Transition
In the shadow of apartheid: Exploring Life in the New South Africa
Revolutionary words: Building and Publishing a Colonial Lexicon
Special needs, special people: Special Ed Children, Down Syndrome, and Me.
Laughter as medicine:  Clowning for Kids in Warsaw
Feeding the homeless in Paris: A Homestay in Language, Culture, and Service
The aroma of globalization:  Exploring Business and Essential Oils in Grasse and Paris
Back in the USSR? Exploring modern Ukraine: Family Life After Independence & Orange Revolution
Sea urchins on the Atlantic coast: Marine Biology Research on Duke’s Pivers Island
Darwin's Trail, from the Galapagos to Kentucky: Exploring Evolution, Creationism, & Modern World
Identity wars, bullies, and safer schools: Prevention Work with GLSEN for New Jersey Schools
Volunteering & the Int'l. Breast Milk Project: Helping Infants and Mothers Through Hyperspace
Viola in translation: Orchestral Studies in Catalonia
Searching for Buddha, seeking the way: Life as a Supplicant in the Hwagyesa Temple. Seoul, Korea
From Earth to the Moon: Designing a Lunar Transportation System with NASA
Education, Medicine, and an Orphan’s Life in Ghana: A Summer of Service and Hope
Energy Conservation in China: Policy & Reality Today
Inside the Special Olympics: One on One with Johnny, Summer 2008
Pediatrics in Spanish Speaking Philadelphia: Multi-lingual Medicine at CHOP
Music Therapy, Teenagers & Emotional Disorders: Research with Dr. Lee
Oriental Medicine: Merging Tradition and the West at Dong Gook University
The Electrochromic Device: New Materials and Potential at Ewha Woman’s University
Raising a Charity, Finishing a School: Service in Medina Salaam, The Gambia
Agrarian Culture and Conservation: Sharing Habitat with the Sitatunga
Rhetoric on the D-Day Beachheads: Statesmen’s Speeches and Silences
Modern Terrorism in Spain:  Immersion in a Culture with an Explosive History
Life in a Changing Ireland: Balancing Galway Tradition with Economic Innovation
War Close to Home: Deep Sea Research Diving for Warships on the Eastern Seaboard
The Future of Renewable Energy: Research on the Sustainability of a Hydrogen Economy 
Liver Cancer Research at Stanford: Searching for Cures in Dr. So's Laboratory
Feeding the Hungry in Trenton:  Distribution Challenges for Struggling Food Pantries 
Israeli Culture: The Experience of an Absorption Town and its Response to War with Palestine
Culture Shock in Tokyo:  American Influence on Japanese Youth
THE SPECTACLE! : Hands-on Experience in the World of Musical Theatre
The Stamp of “Generation Me”: A Documentary on Modern Teenagers in America
Subways, Buses, and Plastic Flowers: Working and Living as an Artist in New York City
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