Signature Experience at Peddie

Language Signature Experience

As part of the larger Signature Experience @ Peddie, the goal of the Language department is to enable our best and most motivated students to enrich their language experience through a sequence of enrichment classes and extracurricular activities culminating in a public presentation or exhibition in the senior year. Signature program participants will be able to explore language and culture beyond the classroom through field trips, projects, research, enrichment courses and travel abroad. They will also deepen and broaden their language exposure at Peddie with independent work in their chosen field of Chinese*, French, Latin or Spanish language. Projects and travel programs can be done during the school year, during vacations, or over the summer. 

*The Signature Program in Chinese has specific requirements described on the Asian Studies Signature Experience page


List of 6 items.

  • By graduation, complete in good standing level IV or higher Language coursework

    Honors classes should be selected if offered.
  • Enroll in at least one immersion program or internship program in the target language during the summer of sophomore or junior year

    Students will participate in one of the following: sign up for one of the immersion trips organized by the Language department: complete a signature experience program in a country where target language is spoken; study abroad for at least three weeks in a foreign country; participate in an immersion language program approved by Language department; or complete an internship program approved by the Language Department. 
  • Complete an independent project

    Students will complete an independent project related to a cultural topic in the language they are studying and then present it to the school.
  • Actively participate in Language department events

    Students will participate at least once in each of the two major Language Department events: International Food Fair and International Awareness Program. For the International Food Fair, students will cook a dish from a country where the language of study is spoken, and may also help organize the event. On International Awareness Day, students will present on a topic related to the culture of their chosen language or participate in any of the day's events.
  • Actively participate in Language Club and community service events

    Students will actively participate in Latin, Chinese, French or Spanish club events and service opportunities. In conjunction with language clubs, students will participate at least once each term in the creation of a Saturday Night Activity (SNA) experience in language. The SNA experience will be created in collaboration with the Language department and/or the faculty member responsible for the club.
  • Attend a minimum of two off-campus events in their chosen language

    Students will attend to two academic events related to the language they are studying. These events must be approved by the Language department. These trips might include: off-campus lectures, museums, plays or cultural events. Students will complete some work related to the event and present this to the coordinator.

Application Process

Interested students who qualify for the Language Signature Experience will meet with Mr. Ruiz at the end of the sophomore year to discuss their progress, coursework, and goals and to formally request admission to the Signature program. Demonstrated achievement and self-motivation are also pre-requisites for admission.   

For more information, please contact Jose Ruiz (

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