Creative Writing

Creative Writing Signature Experience

As part of the larger Signature Experience at Peddie, the English department encourages selected students to develop their passions for creative writing (including poetry, fiction, playwriting, or creative nonfiction) through a sequence of elective classes and extracurricular activities culminating in a public performance or exhibition in the senior year. Inspired by field trips to readings, theaters, and literary festivals, as well as by visiting professionals, these young writers will broaden their academic studies at Peddie with original, independent work in creative writing.


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  • Attend a minimum of two off-campus events in their chosen field

    Each term of their junior and senior years, students will attend a school-sponsored event or take an independent trip to a literary event. These trips might include: off-campus readings, poetry festivals, or trips on the Culture Bus to readings or plays. 
  • Attend readings and participate in visiting writer workshops

    Each term, visiting writers come to campus to read their work, visit classes, and meet in small groups with members of the Creative Writing Club. During their junior and senior years, students involved in the Signature experience will attend as many readings as their schedules permit (at least two of the three events), and attend classes or lunch meetings with each writer. Students will also assist Ms. Westhaver and Mr. Mixon in hosting the writer (this might involve promoting the reading and helping the writer get around campus).
  • Complete a minimum of two creative writing course electives

    Students may choose to take two or more electives in a variety of writing genres, including: poetry, fiction, playwriting, and creative nonfiction/memoir.   At least one creative writing class will be offered each term.  Other selected spring term electives may also satisfy this requirement.
  • Craft a Capstone Project in Creative Writing

    In their senior year, students will craft a portfolio of work in a chosen genre. Students can work with a faculty member to complete that portfolio. Some of the work in the portfolio will be published in the Amphion, and some of it will be read or performed in a formal reading of work by the Signature participants. 
  • Enroll in at least one summer program

    Peddie faculty members will help Signature participants to find appropriate summer programs. The goal is to foster the broader perspective that interactions with new peers and teachers can afford. The program may be local or residential, one week or more in duration, and should meet during the summer after the sophomore and/or junior year. If students are unable to enroll in a formal program, they may work with a faculty advisor to develop a summer independent study. 
  • Submit work for publication

    Students participating in the Signature program will submit their work for publication in the Amphion. In addition, during their junior and senior years, students will submit their work to at least one off-campus publication or contest. Faculty members can help students to identify appropriate publications and contests.
  • Take on a leadership role in the Creative Writing and Amphion clubs

    Students involved in the Signature program will take on a leadership role as editors and designers of the Amphion, Peddie’s art and literary magazine. Students will also be involved in the Creative Writing Club, ideally helping to plan Creative Writing Club meetings and special events (coffeehouses, workshops, field trips, etc.). 

Application Process

Interested students who qualify for the Creative Writing Signature Experience will meet with Mr. Hedges at the end of the sophomore year to discuss their progress, coursework, and goals and to formally request admission to the Signature program. Demonstrated achievement and self-motivation are also pre-requisites for admission.   There is no additional cost for participation in the Creative Writing Signature Experience.
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