Signature Experience at Peddie

Asian Studies Signature Experience

Part of the larger Signature Experience at Peddie, the Asian Studies Signature Experience allows selected students to pursue an interest in Asia through a powerful combination of in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences, culminating in an independent research project. Advanced offerings in Mandarin, electives focusing on Asian history, culture, religion and politics and and established sister-school relationship with EFZ in Shanghai allow students to develop an individualized, comprehensive program specifically tailored to their interests.

Program requirements

Complete three Asian Studies electives. Students are required to take the Modern China and Modern India courses plus one additional Asian Studies elective. Courses might include Asian Religions, Modern Japan and Korea, or new Asian Studies electives in history or other disciplines.

Demonstrate Level III proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. Asian Studies students will be required to successfully complete a minimum of three years of Mandarin Chinese or demonstrate Level III proficiency.

Participate in an academic travel experience in Asia. This could be an Asian Studies trip, a Summer Signature Experience, a School Year Abroad (SYA) program or other approved academic travel experience.

Complete a research project on Asia that is informed by travel experience. This project will be completed in conjunction with a faculty advisor, and will center on an “essential question.” Broadly defined, the essential question is an intellectual focus which will evolve as research, experience and reflection progress. The project will culminate in a formal project or paper; a visual documentary which captures the process and place of the work; and a personal reflection.

Take a leadership role in Peddie’s sister school exchange program and participate in co-curricular program. Asian Studies students will help to host students from EFZ when they visit Peddie. Cocurricular experiences might include guest lectures, Asian films, dinners, etc.


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