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Arts Signature Experience

Explore your passion for music, drama or visual arts through a sequence of elective classes and extracurricular activities culminating in a public performance or exhibition in your senior year. Expand your craft through trips to museums, concert halls and theaters, and study with visiting professionals who have found success in their careers in the arts.
Arts Signature Experience program requirements:
Participate in all relevant visiting artists workshops during the junior and senior year.  Several times a year visiting artists in the fields of theater, music, and visual arts will come to campus to work in small groups and one-on-one with students in the Arts Signature Experience.   In the performing arts, for example, this personal feedback will help to hone auditioning and performance skills.  In the visual arts, students take advantage of fresh, professional perspective on the artwork in their studio. 
Enroll in at least one summer program following junior year.  Peddie faculty mentors will help Signature participants find an appropriate, substantial summer program in their chosen field. The program may be local or residential and two weeks or more in duration.

Attend a minimum of three off-campus events in the chosen field
during junior and senior year.  In addition to class-sponsored field trips, students may take trips to museums, concerts, plays and/or lectures sponsored by the Peddie Culture Bus, or they may arrange independent experiences with approval from the Arts Department faculty. 

Discipline-specific requirements

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Application Process & Fees

Interested students who qualify for the Arts Signature Experience by meeting the requirements in their area will meet with the Director of Theater, Music or Visual Arts at the end of the sophomore year to discuss their progress, coursework and goals and to formally request admission to the Signature program.  Demonstrated achievement and self-motivation are also pre-requisites for admission. Students are responsible for their own associated costs (for example, private music lessons, field trips, visual arts supplies), but there is no additional cost for participation in the Signature Experience. Financial Aid (based on a student’s Financial Aid status with Peddie) is available to off-set costs ($3,000 maximum available aid for an individual student) associated with the Arts Signature Experience.  
Please contact Alan Michaels at for more information on the Arts Signature Experience.  
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