Digital Fabrication Laboratory

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory is a 4,300 square-foot state-of-the-art facility providing students and faculty widespread access to modern means for invention, including an assortment of flexible computer-controlled and industrial-grade fabrication tools. Its creation represents the school’s commitment to STEM education and contributes to the EXP Research Science Signature Experience, a program designed to help Peddie students develop their passion for scientific research.

Facility Design

Facility design
  • Design Studio: Located on the ground floor, the Design Studio is a classroom where students learn the foundations of building, creating and designing. Computer-aided design software (CAD) is available at 17 workstations, and a document scanner and flat-screen television enhance instruction and collaboaration. The open space allows students and faculty to gather, discuss and experiment with the materials, tools and technology used in the designing and building of student-driven projects.
  • Engineering Studio: The Engineering Studio houses the majority of the facility's equipment and hardware, along with lab tables where students work in groups to create and assemble projects. The following equipment is housed in the Engineering Studio:
    • Type A Machines Series 1 3D Printer: Uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) to print complex 3D objects by extruding filament into thin layers and building vertically. Designs up to one cubic foot can be printed using a large variety of plastic polymers as well as rubber, wood and ceramic-based filaments.
    • Epilog Fusion 40: Engraves high-quality images onto the surfaces of almost any materical and cuts 2D designs from a varity of materials including plastic, wood and wood composites, fabric and cardboard.
    • Haas TM-2P CNC Mill: A highly precise and rigid machine that uses a rotating cutting tool to remove material such as plastics, aluminum, steel, titanium and ceramics.
    • Construction tools/machines: Drill press, air compressor, miter saw, bandsaw and belt sander.
    • Future additions: CNC router, CNC lathe, manual milling machine and vertical bandsaw
  • Testing Studio: Located on the second floor, the Testing Studio is a 1,000 square-foot room where prototypes come alive. Students bring work-in-progress to the Testing Studio to test and further refine their projects.

Coursework and Programming

Coursework: Three courses are currently held in the Digital Fabrication Laboratory
FIRST program: Housed in the Digital Fabrication Laboratory, the FIRST Robotics team will participate in the international competitive robotics organization.
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