There is no better way to learn a language and culture than to live it. Peddie students have the opportunity to participate in an immersion program through School Year Abroad, a nonprofit experience established in 1964.
Juniors and seniors attend a rigorous academic curriculum in the target language taught by native faculty members, and then participate in extra-curricular activities within their community. Living with a host family allows students to continue developing their language skills while building meaningful relationships. History and culture are brought to life through class and family fieldtrips. Students expand their worldview and learn history by living in it. They also become global citizens by connecting with the locals in a new culture.
Financial aid and scholarships are available.
Summer programs include a four week language and culture curriculum with one week of travel.

SYA France: Rennes

Step back into medieval times as you walk along the cobblestone streets and admire the timber-framed houses. Rennes is also home to 4 local high schools and 2 major universities, a wonderful way to engage with peers. The SYA school is located in a 19th century townhouse. See what current students are saying about their experience!

SYA Spain: Zaragoza

An animated city filled with historic and cultural sites from the Roman, Iberian and Moor civilizations. Zaragoza is a beautiful charming city close to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrénées mountains. See what current students are saying about their experience!

SYA China: Beijing

Experience the ancient world of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties with temples and imperial parks, but also the modernity of sky scrapers and the 2008 Olympics. The SYA school shares a campus with Beijing Normal University High School #2. See what current students are saying about their experience!

SYA Italy: Viterbo

Encircled by medieval walls, Viterbo is a perfect place to learn about art, architecture and the classical world. The SYA school is located in a restored 16th century palazzo. See what current students are saying about their experience!
My experience was great, but it also wasn’t easy. Being able to live away from your family for 9 months will give you the confidence to try other challenging things, and it’s a confidence that stays with you.

Natalia Viveros '12

Program Director

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  • Nathalie Letourneau 

    Université de Besançon - DUT
    Thomas Edison State College - B.A.
I learned a lot about myself and about the world and the people in it. Leaving your comfort zone is the only way to experience something extraordinary, the only way you can really grow.

Avery Steele '11

The experience itself was worthwhile, but the best part is the people you meet there

Megan Zuckerman '12

It's a rare opportunity to do something like this and I think it's absolutely necessary to do it.

Lily Radziemski '13
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