Reporting disciplinary matters. Peddie School believes the reporting of disciplinary matters is a necessary aspect of the college application process. As an educational community, Peddie takes pride in its commitment to the core values of respect and honesty. Withholding serious disciplinary information would be counter to those principles. This policy will not affect the great majority of Peddie students; however, those who have ever been on probation for violating the rules listed below should understand that reporting the matter to colleges is a part of that probation.

In order to advocate well for students, the college counselors must be a credible source of information. On the whole, Peddie students benefit greatly from open conversations between the college office and college admission officers, even when students have made mistakes. That said, the college office will report the disciplinary action in a supportive manner, working with both student and family, and will provide context that will help admission officers understand the probation period as an educational one.

Admission professionals consider all aspects of our students' applications, and it is rarely the case where a disciplinary issue is the biggest factor in an unfavorable admission outcome. Colleges know that Peddie is a place of high expectations and integrity, and they will look upon all of our students - even the few who have made poor decisions- in that light.

The College Office will report a disciplinary action regarding suspension or probation for cheating, plagiarism, theft or actions threatening the health or safety of others for incidents that occur during the student's senior year. Cheating and plagiarism are dealt with seriously at Peddie, and our disciplinary responses are structured to allow our students to prove themselves academically trustworthy over time. Theft typically results in the student's dismissal from Peddie, as would egregious threatening actions. Seniors who are suspended or placed on probation at any time during their senior year for any of the infractions specified above will be reported in a timely fashion to colleges.

Should a student be dismissed or encouraged to withdraw from Peddie during the senior year, the College Office will give the student ten days to notify the college of the change in status. After ten days, the College Office, in conjunction with the registrar, will send a final Peddie transcript, which will state that the student has withdrawn, and that the college should anticipate a final transcript from the high school where the student has entered.

College visits. In order to obtain permission for college visits in the senior year, the student must obtain a sign-out form from either the Deans' Office or the College Office. The student is expected to have this form signed and submitted within one week prior to the college visit. This form must be signed by all of the student's teachers, his or her coach, dorm supervisor, advisor and must finally be approved by one of the college counselors and Ms. Clements. If any aforementioned individuals have reservations about the student missing class, these reservations will be taken seriously by this office and may lead to a denial of the request by the College Office or the Dean's Office.

Students are encouraged to use the various vacation days and long weekends in the Fall and Winter terms to visit colleges. Excessive absences for college visits will not be approved and are certainly not in the best interest of the Peddie student.

Absences for testing. Those students missing classes for the SAT, ACT or TOEFL need to bring their registration ticket to the Deans' Office in order to be excused from classes on that day.

Meeting with college representatives. Seniors are encouraged to meet with colllege representatives when they visit each fall. However, if a senior has class during the time in which a rep visits, he or she must get permission to miss from the teacher of that class. Seniors should ask for this approval in person - not via email - as much in advance of the date as possible, and then remind the teacher a day or two before. In addition, seniors are responsible for all work missed, and are not excused from class when quizzes, tests, labs, etc. are being given. If missing class is not an option, students should email the rep about their interest. Also, seniors who have visited and interviewed at any school may be encouraged by their college counselors to "stop by" the meeting to say hello and then attend class. The admission officers as well as your teachers will appreciate both your courtesy and your diligence in getting to class!
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