75% faculty hold advanced degrees

90% faculty live on campus

150+ courses offered

34 AP and Honors courses

6:1 Student-to-faculty ratio

80% of all students who take AP exams score a 4 or 5

42,000-square-foot Annenberg Science Center

100% classrooms with smartboards and high-res interactive LCD displays

Learning at Peddie...it’s an inspiring, demanding, fully engaging intellectual experience,
built for people who will build the future (that’s you!).

Our Teachers

They’re coaches, they’re dorm parents, they’re mentors. They know how to listen when you need to be heard, how to talk when you need advice, how to find inspiration. They’re experts in their field, and they’re experts in the field of being a good person.

Our Curriculum

We offer 150 courses and 34 subject areas for AP and Honors. Our curriculum covers the major disciplines (arts, English, history, language, math, science)—and then it takes off: offerings in neurobiology, robotics, genetics. Classes like Green Architecture, Financial Markets and Investment, Modern India. We develop new courses every year. And we’re always thinking of ways to adapt courses to new information and new ideas, include hands-on experience and apply coursework in the real world.

Our Students

They’re part of a vibrant intellectual community filled with hardworking, unpretentious, enterprising people. They come from across the country and around the world. They design their own programs of independent research and creative work. They go on to top colleges and universities. They leave Peddie ready to be the human beings the future needs.

Our Resources

We offer exceptional facilities. Like a fully contemporary science center and library. Our Digital Fabrication Laboratory (we call it the Fab Lab!) is home to an engineering studio and to our Robotics Team. We make ongoing investments in relevant, appropriate technologies, offer learning support through our advisor program and peer-run writing center, and provide robust college counseling resources. We have a direct-exchange partnership with our sister school in Shanghai. And we think of our nearby cities—Philadelphia, New York and Princeton—as world-class extensions of our classrooms.

Course offerings and faculty

At Peddie you can...

...apply learning in the real world

Mr. Middleton, arts and language teacher: “In tree house architecture, the whole class works together to build a major structure. It must be professionally done, in that it needs to be solidly built and safely constructed. Because it is a more permanent structure, students have lasting ownership of it—something quite concrete that adds to the campus.”

...travel the world

JR ’11: “In my first year, I took Chinese on a whim—but that led me to travel to Beijing and Shanghai and connect with students at Peddie’s sister school in Shanghai. Here’s what Peddie taught me: Always search for opportunities to learn something new. Use your education to make the world a better place. And no matter where you come from, your best asset is your ideas.”

...create your own signature experience

Katie ’16: My Summer Signature program was an attempt to find answers to a simple, incredibly complicated question: How has my life been affected by witnessing 9/11 as a four-year-old growing up in lower Manhattan? I documented responses to that question in photography, sound design and sculpture. I was able to confront an internal struggle in a meaningful, creative way.”

...build the future

Mr. Meredith, science teacher: “The beauty of the FabLab is that there aren’t any limits on what you can produce. But no matter what we’re making, we’re working across disciplines, using industry-standard tools, and adjusting to new information and new technologies. That’s how the world works. So that’s how we work.”
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Hightstown, NJ 08520-3349
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