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Welcome to Peddie's website. In exploring these pages, we hope you will begin to discover what makes our school distinctive.  

Each year, 140 seniors leave Peddie to "begin their labors anew" at the colleges of their choice. None of them leaves as quite the same person who arrived here. They have all met the Peddie challenge, in that they have sought new opportunities and faced new intellectual adventures while here; they have all contributed something distinctive and important to the school and to their peers; they have all been inspired by their teachers, coaches, advisors and classmates to step outside of the familiar and the comfortable confines of proven success. In doing so, they have become exceptionally well prepared for college, and for life as leading citizens.

Our students flourish because of the instruction and inspiration of their teachers and the genuine encouragement of their peers. Each year, new students join the school by demonstrating something more than a strong record and high test scores; they bring a remarkable combination of excitement, curiosity and character to our community. These qualities are highlighted in the mission of Peddie and define our school. The faculty is extravagant in its attention to, and unwavering in their expectations of our students. Our teachers motivate their students to distinguish themselves not only by what they already do well, but also by what they learn to do well.

This community of people united by excitement, curiosity, and character is inviting rather than intimidating. The school's location, history of diversity and inclusion, broad and challenging curriculum, active student life and democratic informality mean that Peddie appeals to those who seek an aristocracy of achievement, rather than one of entitlement.

Please come for a visit! There is no better way to get a sense of Peddie’s appeal. No website can capture the magnetic energy of our students and the engaging commitment of our faculty. No publication can replicate our atmosphere. Nothing except being here can make Peddie's transformational impact clear. I hope to meet you when you visit.

Peter Quinn
    • Chapel Talk: The Peddie Uniform


Washington and Lee University, B.A.
University of Virginia, M.A.

Peter Quinn was appointed to be the 16th Headmaster in 2013.  His appointment was a homecoming to Peddie, where he had served as a teacher, coach, dorm supervisor, college counselor, and admission director between 1985 and 1996. Quinn was noted for his focus on Peddie’s mission during the transformative years when the Annenberg scholarship program was created and applications to the school tripled. He oversaw the Peddie admission office in the years immediately following the school's $100 million gift from Walter H. Annenberg '27.
Immediately prior to his return to Peddie, Quinn was the headmaster of Wakefield School in Virginia for seventeen years. Quinn left Peddie in 1996 to assume the top leadership position at Wakefield, a school where he first began his teaching career in 1978. He is credited with vastly improving the school by increasing enrollment, faculty and staff, acreage, playing fields, and infrastructure.  He has also taught at the Hackley School. 
Peter Quinn is a son of James H. McK. Quinn, headmaster of The Episcopal Academy (1957-1975), and a grandson of Rev. Albert H. Lucas, headmaster of St. Alban’s School (1929-1949).  Two of his siblings are also life-long teachers. He and his wife Maryanne have three children.
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