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Sustainability at Peddie

At Peddie, sustainability is woven into our culture and has for decades been a primary consideration in the operation of the school. 
In keeping with the challenge from Ambassador Annenberg to “strive for the highest quality of citizenship,” Peddie students take advantage of opportunities to be good stewards of our natural resources and our planet, and to pursue initiatives that reflect their own personal commitment to sustainability.

During the annual Peddie Purge, students and faculty work to repurpose unused and unwanted items. At the end of the school year, all items that are no longer wanted or needed are placed in boxes in dorm lounges and around campus. Students and faculty sort, fold and organize items and are free to take what they will use. Once school is closed for the year, items are donated to local organizations and charities.

Continually seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, over the last decade Peddie has:

  • Recycled more than 36,000 pounds of cardboard, 20,000 pounds of mixed paper, and 14,300 pounds of plastic, glass and metal annually
  • Installed photovoltaic panels which provide 70 percent of the energy used by the athletic center
  • Installed LED lighting in the athletic center and on all campus roads
  • Upgrading all campus appliances to energy star
  • Adopted hybrid and electric cars for health center, security, staff and maintenance
  • Installed irrigation systems for athletic fields and golf course using water drawn from Peddie Lake
  • Collaborate with bourough of Hightstown to preserve and maintain Roger C. Cooke Greenway and designated open space
  • Implemented use of green seal certified cleaning products campus-wide
  • Eliminated the use of trays in the dining hall to reduce consumption, energy and waste
  • Increased amount of food purchased locally to 20 percent
  • Upgraded water use infrastructure 
  • Reduced use of plastic water bottles. Campus will be water bottle free by June 2016; bottle refilling stations are being installed throughout campus this spring.
  • Adhere to strict green regulations regarding lawncare products
Today, I want to challenge you, in Mr. Annenberg’s words, to strive for the highest quality of  citizenship by being good stewards of our natural resources and our planet.  I want you to pursue initiatives that reflect your own personal commitment to sustainability.  I want these initiatives to rely on your own sense of responsibility and not on our dedicated staff or fancy technologies.  I want you to practice here what you will need to practice beyond here and, most likely, for the rest of your lives.    
                                        — former Head of School John Green
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