Health and Safety Protocols


Quarantine and Isolation

I tested positive for COVID-19. When can I return to Peddie?

Boarding and day students who test positive for COVID-19 may return to school ten days after the day their test sample was collected (known as day 0). Our medical director will communicate individually with all students to help them identify the precise day they are cleared to return to campus (day 11).

Can students attend class virtually?

Students who feel well enough to attend classes will be able to join via Zoom. Teachers who have students missing due to COVID will also record all their classes to make them available to students who miss class. Our teachers and academic support staff will be working with students individually upon their return to ensure they have support catching up.

I read that isolation is only required for five days. Why can’t I return after five days?

The CDC and New Jersey Department of Health established recommendations that allow certain asymptomatic students to return to the classroom after five days under strict health and safety protocols for an additional five days. However, the nature of our residential community makes it impossible for Peddie to meet the standards necessary to keep other community members protected from possible exposure. Adhering to the ten day isolation period will reduce the chances that a student returns to campus too soon and exposes other members of the residential community.

Can I remain on campus and in the health center if I test positive?

Our health center does not have the capacity to house boarding students for more than 24 hours if they test positive for COVID. Like all health care providers, our dedicated health center nurses and our medical director are working tirelessly to test, evaluate and treat our students, as well as conduct contact tracing for those who test positive. 

The Class Day

is there a mask requirement on camppus?

Masks are strongly encouraged but optional in campus buildings in most instances. Masks are required for all-community gatherings such as chapel and community meeting.

Can I opt to stay home and take classes remotely?

Peddie is not operating a hybrid classroom this school year. Only students who are isolating or sick due to COVID are able to attend classes via Zoom. Being able to resume in-person classes for students in 2021-22 school year has been important to our community after operating in hybrid mode last year.

What classroom health and safety protocols are in place?

Everyone in campus buildings must remain masked at all times when in the presence of others when indoors. Each campus building has been evaluated for circulation and filtration standards that meet or exceed recommended air flow and purification.


Will extracurricular activities continue? 

Our afternoon robotics, theater and athletic programs will continue; coaches and directors will continue to put appropriate health and safety precautions in place as much as possible. Masks must be worn except when involved in strenuous aerobic activities. While the COVID activity risk level remains in “very high” status in our region, members of our interscholastic athletic teams will be tested weekly because of their close contact with students from other schools.

When can I return to my team after a COVID illness?

As with all injuries and illness that remove students from participating in extracurriculars, all students must complete Peddie’s return-to-play protocols before they will be allowed to practice, rehearse or compete in athletics or theater activities. Students who test positive for COVID, regardless of whether they are symptomatic, must fully complete this process which is based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Will I be able to play my winter sport?

Peddie has classified risk categories for different activities. The students who participate in activities with the highest risk (interscholastic athletes) will be tested for COVID each week by our health center. Students who fail to take their weekly test at the health center will not be able to practice or compete with their team.


Should I get a booster shot?

Yes! The CDC recommends the booster for anyone 12 or older who received their vaccines more than five months ago. Peddie required that all students and employees maintain their full vaccination status by receiving their booster shot by the start of spring term if eligible. 


Why do I need to provide an emergency contact?

In an effort to protect the health of our entire Peddie community, all students are required to have a designated person in the United States on record in the health center with a valid telephone number who can pick-up the student due to illness, injury or any other reason deemed necessary by the Dean's Office or the Director of Health Services. All boarding students are required to be picked up within 48 hours.

Do I have to leave campus for long weekend?

Students may not remain in the dormitories but we do have a fun Peddie-chaperoned long weekend trip that our international students may sign up for.

Can I stay in the dorm for spring break?

Our dormitories will not remain open during spring break. Several private companies provide chaperoned trips for students during breaks. Some of the companies used by other Peddie families are: