Sanjeev Puri to succeed Mike McKitish as Peddie's Assistant Head for Finance and Operations

Starting in September, Sanjeev Puri will become Peddie’s new assistant head of school for finance and operations. Puri will succeed Mike McKitish, who is retiring from the position after fourteen remarkable years of service.

For the last seven years, Puri has been the chief operating officer at Woodstock School in northern India, a boarding school of approximately the same size as Peddie. Woodstock has a long and proud history as an international, English-speaking boarding school operating in the foothills of the Himalayas. At Woodstock, Puri has managed a similar portfolio of responsibilities to what he will at Peddie. Prior to that, he was based in California and for fifteen years held various positions with Cognizant, an international management consulting firm.

"There is much to be said about an institution that traces its roots back over 150 years, and still holds on to the principles upon which it was built," said Puri. "Peddie’s emphasis on a culture of kindness, acceptance, integrity, courage, and leadership showcases a community where passions and aspirations are shared across the community, and are demonstrated by word and example."

Puri earned his bachelor’s degree from GB Pant University and his MBA from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, both in India. He is married to Shrivani Agarwal, a certified Human Resources professional, and they have two sons.

"It was an essential goal for me to find a person whose intellect, experience, management skills, and moral compass would continue the excellent management and stewardship philosophy and practices which have been part of Peddie over the past thirty-five years, both prior to and after the historic 1993 Annenberg gift," said Head of School Peter Quinn.