For questions or more information, contact:

James Truslow

Director of External Programs, Head Coach, Girls Junior Varsity Soccer

Summer School Office

The summer school office opens in June. Emails & calls will be answered in a timely manner.  The external programs office is open year-round.

Phone: 609-944-7658


Honors credit & Credit Courses
JUNE 24—AUGUST 2, 2024

Enrichment courses
July 1—26, 2024



Why Summer School?

A high-quality summer program can provide your student a great stepping stone to academic success. With credit, honors credit and enrichment options, the Peddie Summer Day School program can be tailored to your child's specific needs and goals. Here's why:

Peddie Summer Day School has a history of success.

Peddie Summer Day School has been offering credit and honors credit math courses for 15 years. 

Your student can leap ahead.

Students who successfully complete a credit or honors credit math course may (with permission from their school) advance to a higher level math for the following school year. Geometry Honors is our most popular class in this regard; students who successfully complete this course may advance from Algebra 1 to Algebra 2 or from Algebra 2 to Pre-Calculus (advancement decisions are determined by individual schools).

Credit and Honors Credit courses can also be taken for enrichment.

Though they are offered as credit courses, the Credit and Honors Credit math courses are often taken as more intensive enrichment courses, as a thorough background in Algebra can lead to greater success in higher level math courses.

  • Algebra 1 Credit can be taken as a review of the previous school year's coursework.
  • Algebra 2 Credit or Honors Credit can be taken as an preview of the following school year's coursework.
Enrichment courses allow for work in more than one subject. 

The benefit of the Peddie Summer Day School enrichment track is that a student can take more than one course at a time. Students interested in improving their skills in multiple disciplines can benefit from the enrichment track, which offers courses in Language Arts, Math, and Science.

Learning Loss & Strengthening Foundational Knowledge.

Learning loss for students over the past few years is real.  A U.S. News report analyzed test scores in districts across the country.  “The analysis found the average student lost more than half a school year of learning in math and nearly a quarter of a school year in reading – with some district averages slipping by more than double those amounts, or worse.”  The Peddie Summer Day School Enrichment courses offer the kind of program that can address that learning loss by strengthening the foundations in math, reading and writing for middle school students prior to their matriculation into high school.  These overview classes address main topics in math courses from advanced arithmetic to Pre-Calculus and strengthen reading and writing skills across middle school and into high school grade levels.