Weekly Menu


Always Available: 

Salad Bar and Three sides
Pasta Station & Vegetables
Deli Station
Fresh Fruit/Mixed Fruit
Bagged Chips/Trial mix

Weekly Hot Entrees

(subject to change)

Monday: Cheesesteaks (vegan Cheesesteaks)
Tuesday: Sheppard's Pie (Vegetarian Sheppard's Pie)
Wednesday: Lemon Chicken  (Lemon Seitan) 
Thursday: Vegetable Egg Rolls (Vegetable stir fry)
Friday: Fish Sandwich (Vegan Tenders)

Weekly Dessert Options 

Monday: Jell-o
Tuesday: Melon/Pudding
Wednesday: Fresh Pineapple/Pudding
Thursday: Grapes/Jell-o
Friday: Pudding 
Daily assorted baked goods

Weekly Themes and Dress up Days