Resources & Contacts

Campus Contacts

Your child's advisor is your first point of contact for concerns relating specifically to your student. Your student's advisor can be found in My Backpack by clicking on your child's photo. Contact information for all advisors is available in our directory.

Class Deans

Senior Class Dean: Peter McClellan 609-944-7672
Junior Class Dean: Leigh Wood 609-944-7302
Sophomore Class Dean: Joshua Sham 609-944-7621
Freshman Class Dean: Stefanie Graefe 609-944-7559

Health and Wellness

Health Center: Dr. Aimee Goodman 609-944-7545
Counseling Center: Dr. Karen Jimenez 609-944-7822

Academic Concerns

Assistant Head of School: Catherine Rodrigue 609-944-7579

Residential Life Concerns

Director of Residential Life: Sarah Venanzi, Ph.D. 609-944-7566

Technology Concerns

Director of Technology: Ryan Bennett 609-944-7625