Dear Peddie Parents,

As a close-knit community, we share your concerns around the coronavirus and its near-term and long-term impacts. We understand that local, state, and federal efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus disease affect all of our students and their families. Student responses to the online classes and assessments vary, particularly among our seniors who have lost all of the festivities and celebration of friendships that are part of senior spring.

For these reasons, we will offer your children two grading options for the spring term: Pass/Fail or our traditional A through F grading system. Most of you are home with your children and can best assess their physical and emotional needs. We ask that you speak with your children to determine which might be the healthiest option for them for this term.

Neither choice will have a negative impact on the college reporting process. Colleges and universities are also struggling to complete their classes online and many have elected the P/F option. That said, Peddie students expressed in last week’s survey strong feelings around both options, and Peddie is a small enough school to offer both.

For three trimester courses, a student choosing traditional grades will have recorded on the transcript an average of all 3 trimesters; a student choosing P/F with a passing grade will have recorded on the transcript an average of the fall and winter trimesters. In both instances, the transcript will reflect 3 credits earned. For one-trimester, spring electives, the student choosing the P/F option will have a P or F recorded on the transcript, and the student choosing traditional grades will have a grade recorded.

To earn a pass, students must regularly “attend” class, as measured through successful assignment completion, participation in synchronous/asynchronous classes, extra help sessions, and/or other check-in options with teachers, and earn a 60/D or higher.

As outlined in our student handbook, a student who fails a class in one term will not receive credit. Parents and students, especially seniors, should refer to the student handbook for specific graduation requirements.

Students are able to choose a P/F option for individual classes, or for their entire schedule. In other words, a student may choose P/F for an English class, but not the balance of his or her classes. As always, parents or students should rely on their classroom teachers and advisors for guidance or questions about their academic choices and I encourage you to reach out to them with any concerns. Please know our College Office is ready to help as well.

To see the average of the first two trimesters of a full year, or three trimester, course, please access My BackPack →Documents→Academic Summary. The Academic Summary is NOT a transcript. Contact the Registrar, Paul Cramer ( if you have questions regarding transcripts and end of year grades.

Next week, Paul Cramer will send a link to an online form on which students will make their choices. Please begin speaking with your child and complete the form by May 8, 2020. We hope by that date to see progress with our authorities’ mitigation efforts and, perhaps, a brighter May.


Catherine Rodrigue
Associate Head