Dear Parents,

With creativity, flexibility and commitment to our students, Peddie has nearly completed its spring term.

My colleagues were intellectually agile and your students joined them in that pursuit. I am immensely proud of all of them.

Throughout the spring term, the school’s senior leadership has also been planning for the 2020-21 school year, when it is my expectation that we are able to do so on campus. To properly plan for the next school year, however, we are required to plan for various scenarios; all of these scenarios are dependent upon the New Jersey Governor’s plan to reopen our state, and how schools will be permitted to operate in particular.

These scenarios are based on the predicted risk of widespread infection as of the start of September. 

  • In a low-risk environment (limited contagion or an approved vaccine), we would be operating as close to normal as possible but would expect safety and governmental restrictions nevertheless. Heightened health and safety protocols would be in place.
  • In a moderate-risk environment (declining cases; general infection still occurring), we would be operating in a mix of online and on-campus classes, possible government-required reduced campus density, and likely restrictions on extra-curricular activities.
  • In a high-risk environment (widespread or inclining infection rate; government closes schools) we would be entirely online and campus would be closed.

Six operational teams have been assigned to do detailed planning for each scenario in a distinct area: academic; health & safety; finance & facilities; student life and extra-curricular; supporting programs (admissions, alumni & development, communications); opening of school events. 

By July 6, I will announce which scenario will meet our mission and serve our community best.  In addition to the guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control, Peddie’s decision will be guided by these priorities:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our students and employees
  • Maintaining our commitment to the quality of the academic experience and classroom teaching
  • Maintaining the strength of the Peddie community and personal connections
  • Leveraging the Peddie mindset of innovation, creativity, flexibility, effort, commitment, and ethical decision making in response to challenges
  • Ensuring the future strength of Peddie 

I hope we are allowed to open on campus in September. I hope that between testing and treatment progress, we will have protocols in place to safeguard everyone’s health and restore the great privilege of being together.  


Peter Quinn