Dear Peddie Parents,

I hope you are all well and persevering through this national crisis. Peddie teachers have embraced the "new abnormal," and we started the spring trimester on time. Please be patient as we all experiment with the most effective online methods.

You can help us too! We follow a daily and weekly schedule much like our normal daily and weekly schedule. You'll find this schedule under the heading "Academic Instruction" at

Online learning works best for self-disciplined students with good time management skills. Most teenagers haven't yet developed those traits. If you are home, help your child through the school day. Try to get them to use the blocks of time for the class associated with that block, or establish alternative blocks of time if the class meets asynchronously. This will prevent your child from procrastinating or having work suddenly pile up. 

Yesterday, I met with my English 10 class. They were all present. One student remarked she didn't like these online classes. We know. Teens are highly social, and they miss each other and participating in a community. Remind them the online classes are a temporary fix. Finally, I tried a Zoom breakout tool yesterday to mixed effect. At the end of class, a student suggested to me that I review the Zoom tutorial. I laughed out loud, but it was a bittersweet laugh because, when here, this sort of humorous exchange happens daily.

Thanks to all of our students for their good humor and engagement. We miss them a lot, especially when we have these taste of spring days and center campus is empty. 


Catherine Rodrigue
Associate Head
Peddie School