Dear Members of the Peddie Community:

As the COVID-19 virus spreads and international travel has become more restrictive, Peddie has been and continues to monitor the situation across the globe and prepare for issues that may develop that impact our students. A small group of senior school leaders has been managing the plans for Peddie. Our plans align with the applicable guidance we have received from the CDC, New Jersey and Mercer County Health Departments, the National Association of Independent Schools, and an alumnus who is an internationally-recognized expert in infectious diseases. 

At every step, the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our main priority.

Regarding student travel during the Spring Break

Peddie canceled all school-sponsored international travel during spring break, out of an abundance of caution that travel restrictions could change at any time and make a return trip more complicated. 

Peddie has followed the travel advisories of the Centers for Disease Control. For those students who live in geographic areas on the CDC list of Warning Level 3, Peddie provided an opportunity to remain under the care of Peddie faculty during the two-week-long break. While the overwhelming number of international students are staying with family or friends in the US, we have a small number of students who are enjoying their break in nearby Princeton under this arrangement. 

Prior to returning to campus, all families are required to complete a survey so that we can have a complete picture of where students traveled during the break. You can access the survey in My BackPack by clicking on Forms under the My Forms/Documents heading, or directly through this link: DUE MARCH 14: Spring Break Travel Screening.  You are required to complete this survey by Saturday, March 14. 

Faculty and staff will complete the same survey, and we are asking our vendors not to send personnel to our campus who have traveled to affected areas.

We are also using the spring break to do enhanced disinfectant cleaning on campus (except student dormitory rooms). 

After the Break

Should a student or adult return to campus after the break and present with any flu-like symptoms, it is important to distinguish between different causes. Dr. Aimee Goodman, our school physician, and the Hensle Health Center staff are well-versed on protocols that would indicate if coronavirus testing is required.  If anyone in our community were to test positive for the virus at any time this spring, we would be required to follow instructions of the Mercer County Health Department about our response, including quarantining patients off-campus while awaiting test results.

We have also started planning for how we would deliver our academic program to students who might be unable to return to Peddie on March 16 for any reason. 

We have the capacity through our learning management software to deliver course content to every student. Members of the technology department and faculty experienced in distance learning are developing contingency plans in case some students need to be away from school.

In Case of Regional or National Concerns

Should the need to support many students in distance learning arise, the same software that will serve a few, will serve many.

Of course, we all hope that our families who are living in areas most affected by the virus are safe, and that everyone is putting their health and safety first.  We’ll be reminding our students and faculty at the start of spring term that common steps of hygiene are the most effective preventative regarding disease control.  Our dedicated team has been spending a good deal of time and energy talking, reading, consulting with peers, and keeping our mission and your children uppermost in our minds. 



Peter A. Quinn
Head of School