Dear Peddie Community,

Following the guidance of medical professionals and with the full support of the Board of Trustees, The Peddie School will operate in its online learning mode through at least April 14. We want to keep our community safe from complications from COVID-19 and to minimize the potential for its spread. Peddie has not been made aware of any suspected cases in our community, but we do feel a duty to contribute to controlling the outbreak.

The uncertainty brought on by the global pandemic has forced us to make decisions we would not normally even contemplate. These are difficult times, however, and my colleagues here have created a path forward for our students that serves students and our community well. Peddie’s ability to move quickly to online learning is a sign of our faculty’s extraordinary skills and commitment, their innovative attitude, and the community commitment to supporting our students and faculty in the best way.  Faculty and staff have coordinated in this, and neither would succeed without the other. This attitude and approach is not a new habit; during this global health crisis, we “begin anew” to serve our students in accord with our mission and philosophy.

  • Peddie will continue all classes remotely through Canvas until at least April 14. Students will receive assignments and other work via Canvas directly from their teachers that will have due dates, grades and possibly assessments.

  • During this period of distance learning, all students are strongly encouraged to remain or return home until on-campus classes resume. International students and others who need to return to campus should make a request through their class-level dean. Only students affected by unusual travel restrictions or other hardships will be accommodated. No student may return to campus without prior arrangement.

  • Given the changing nature of the situation, we may decide we cannot hold classes on campus at all this spring. If we do bring students back to campus, those who cannot return because of travel restrictions or health situations will be able to continue their spring term through online learning through an arrangement with their grade-level dean.

  • These decisions are based on the best information we have right now. We will continue to keep the Peddie community informed with weekly bulletins. Students and families should continue to refer to our resources page for updates and answers to their questions. 

It’s a personal disappointment to us that on-campus classes are suspended for the time being.  We will miss the level of daily, face-to-face interaction, yet we look forward to creative approaches to maintaining our culture when we are not on campus together. I pray - for the health of everyone affected and because community time is the most important Peddie time - for the fastest possible return to normal. As ever, thank you for embracing our flexibility in the best care of our students.


Peter Quinn