Dear Peddie Community,

The most important things we do at Peddie are the things we do together.  Whatever aspect of our program, the common experience and the shared learning are fundamental, as is that special sauce of Peddie – the complementary way we help each other achieve our individual successes and move past our particular disappointments.  With faith in that distinctive Peddie approach, I regret to report that for the rest of the spring term, we will continue to work together in classes, but we will remain separated physically.

As are all schools in New Jersey, Peddie is under Governor Murphy’s public safety order which prevents our return while the order is in place.  On Thursday, Governor Murphy stated he would not begin consideration of a future reopening date until April 17. Clearly, Peddie will not be able to resume classes on campus on April 14.

We will focus on completing the year in the current, active, online format.  You and your teachers are engaged in a vibrant and commanding online program, and that is a proud memory of this term I will never forget. The school leaders and your student council leaders are working to bring other elements of the spring term to you in creative ways. For example, I hope you watch today's first virtual chapel meeting, courtesy of Mr. Onion, magically assisted by Kyle and Mia Huang. We are also working to preserve traditions like the Reeves Speaking Contest and Heads Day, albeit in ways that are new.  On the other hand, we will preserve the commitment to bring the school together for year-end festivities if conditions permit, including Commencement for the Class of 2020.

Many of you have been expecting this news, as you have observed the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and increasing, safety-based restrictions across the country.  I rely on - and am grateful for - your resilience and your support of each other to maintain your collective academic progress. This effort will put everyone in the best position for a festive return or a successful matriculation in college in the fall.

We have about seven weeks of classes left, with a long weekend and a couple of no-class Saturdays in there (including tomorrow!) Stay strong and steady, Peddie. Wash your hands, hold our community dear in each class, read the Dose, follow Peddie’s various social media accounts, and send news!



Peter Quinn