Join the club

Classes aren’t the only thing Peddie has moved online: clubs and affinity groups are also finding creative ways to connect students around the globe. As Wellness Club co-leader Rea Tonelli ’21 writes, “Clubs allow for students, beyond the field and the classroom, to be together and connect around something they care about.”

PEST (The Peddie Environmental & Sustainability Team) is working with student council leaders to plan a virtual Earth Day, with week-long challenges like planting greenery and writing to government officials. They also continue to share energy-saving tips with the community. After all, being stuck at home is no excuse to leave the lights on. “The COVID-19 situation has affected our lives,” writes PEST member Sam Shi ‘21, “But quarantine does not stop our progress as individuals.”

Language-lover luncheons have long been a staple of the dining hall scene, but without the dining hall, where do students congregate? Online, of course. The French and Spanish tables meet every week via Peddie’s web-conferencing tool to discuss all things French and Spanish -- in those languages.

If that stresses you out, consider joining Peddie’s Wellness Club, which checks in with students to make sure they’re staying healthy in body and mind. And if that’s not enough, the Peddie Food Blog recently shared easy-to-make baking recipes so students can satisfy their sweet tooth while waiting for their next class to begin.

“Clubs at Peddie are reaching beyond their (and our) expectations to continue to create and foster safe, fun and educational spaces outside of the traditional school setting,” writes Director of Student Leadership Development Allison Park. “Their continued enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to the Peddie community is impressive!”