Paul T. Davies, Class of 1976

Paul was not only an unusually valuable contributor to Peddie athletics, but he also brought to the teams he played on an exceptionally high level of personal character. As the youngest and fourth of the Davies boys to play lacrosse at Peddie, he embodied those characteristics that mark standout contributors - selflessness, industry, courage, character, and commitment.

The ‘76 lacrosse team which he captained so successfully to the Pitt Division championship and to major wins over perennial powerhouses Maplewood (Lacrosse Club) and Lawrenceville, had a broad constituency of people and personalities. Paul, who was a fierce advocate for his teammates, set the tone for this team.

One example of his play stands out. In the Maplewood game, with the score tied and 32 seconds left, Peddie got the ball into the hands of Captain Davies. Paul, sprinting 20 yards faster than he ever had in his whole life, passed the ball 50 yards to Fred Bull who wheeled by his man and drove to the goal to score with eight seconds left to give Peddie the win. Just that morning, Maplewood had been named the top-ranked team in the state with Peddie 6th or 7th.

Paul Davies provided his team with the leadership that typifies the very best of Peddie athletics.