Go Peddie. Beat Blair. Ala Viva.



Peddie-Blair Day

Saturday, November 7


Final Tally




A message from our student leaders:

We did not win our virtual Blair day. We lost by the slimmest of margins. However, we can’t forget what’s great about this day, that this is THE MOST coveted rivalry in all of America. It’s more intense than Yankees vs. Red Sox, XBox vs. PS4, and Taylor Ham vs. pork roll. Every other school wishes they had a rivalry like us. Despite all our smack talk, there’s genuine respect for the school up north.

On a more serious note, we want to say thank you. To the faculty and athletic department for putting this together, to the Peddie security team for working it all out, and to the students for showing up and making this a day one we’ll never forget. From Cassidy’s incredible skill in field hockey, to Angad hitting the cross bar twice in a row for boy’s soccer, and to Mastori’s for making the best chicken tenders and tater tots I’ve had in a long time, Blair Day 2020 was well worth it. This meant so much to the Peddie community, and especially to the seniors. So rest up Peddie, cuz we got a big Spring Blair Day ahead of us. 

- Will and Clara



A message from our Head of School:

Thank you for a terrific day!  In a design unlike any other Blair Week/Blair Day, the past several days were nevertheless - because of your creativity and flexibility - a rousing celebration of teamwork, sportsmanship, and community.

The day and the week (and two spirit weeks) were a great success.  Let’s celebrate with a head’s holiday on Wednesday, November 11.

Two weeks to go, let’s stay healthy Peddie.

- Mr. Quinn

Foyer of Annenberg Hall decorated for Peddie Blair week
The bust of Finn Caspersen decorated for Peddie-Blair Week
Blue & Gold girls in Annenberg