Mariboe Gallery exhibit: Sarah Sutton
Swig Arts Center

On display through February 10, 2018

Sarah Sutton's current paintings explore ideas of space - from how it is depicted on a flat surface to how spatial cues in a painting correlate with the way our bodies interface with the world. They depict a hybrid space, where memory, history, psychological projection, and the deep flatness of the Internet converge into landscape. The paintings are based on three-dimensional collages made of overlaid, chopped up, ripped and folded fragments of printed images that depict many genres, including vintage and current advertisements, post-industrial landscapes and scientific illustrations. Created and found objects such as architectural models, clothing, rusting metals, organic matter, minerals and sculpture fragments are also intertwined to create multiple landscapes. All are arranged over multiple layers of two-dimensional planes of plexiglass, and viewed from above like an analog version of a layered Photoshop image. Sarah is originally from the central Appalachian mountain region in northeastern Pennsylvania, and currently is a faculty member at Ithaca College.