Visual Arts

Every student has the potential to be an artist.

At Peddie, we are committed to developing that potential. Our faculty offers guidance diverse approaches including Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art, Photography, Architecture and Film. Students also have opportunities to view exhibitions from visiting artists and display their own work in the Mariboe Gallery. Featuring field trips each term to venues ranging from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Chelsea art galleries in New York City, our visual arts program inspires young artists to develop their own creative voices.




Beyond Imagination

Peddie’s reputation for excellence in the arts attracts talented students from around the world. Creative exuberance is at the heart of the Peddie experience — and so is the plan to keep that exuberance burning brighter every year. 

Every day, over 300 student-artists generate creative electricity with their voices, musical instruments, paint, clay, wood, film, paper and more. Swig Arts Center, built in 1989, is bursting at the seams. Peddie’s dreams for visual and performing arts programming have outgrown our space.

“I am thrilled that after careful planning and in response to the phenomenal growth of the arts program, we are in the renovation and construction process for Swig,” said Head of School Peter Quinn P’15 ’18 ’21. “Improved and repurposed spaces will be complemented by an entirely new music hall, a visually and aurally spectacular addition that provides flexibility in performing arts scheduling. Every aspect of the arts program gets improved facilities in this.”  

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Each term, more than 130 Visual Arts students of all levels spend a day with New York City as their classroom. Each class — from ninth-grade Foundations to senior Honors Studio Art — has a place to go and a project to complete. Students walk the Brooklyn Bridge, explore galleries in Chelsea, photograph the High Line or soak in exhibits at museums like the Met, MoMA, Guggenheim and Whitney.






Meet our Faculty

Catherine Watkins

Catherine Watkins

Director of Visual Arts
Craig Dale

Craig Dale

Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Director of Academic Technology