As we endeavor to keep the theater alive while distanced, we harken back to a time when people sat by the radio and listened to a play.

The War of the Worlds is arguably the most famous radio play ever produced, and its premiere on October 30, 1938 created quite an uproar, as some listeners took it for truth, panicking at the prospect of a real life alien invasion.

In some way, this feels like an apt metaphor for the uncertainty of these troubled times, while it also serves as a welcome escape from them. Working in four time zones over Zoom, we made this play for ourselves, for each other, and most importantly, to share in the joy of storytelling with you, our wonderful Peddie community.

We will release this story in three parts over three consecutive days. Find a quiet place, pop in some headphones, and enjoy!


The War of the Worlds

Part One

Part Two 

Part Three

Congratulations to our cast and crew


Nylah Lee '22*:Pierson in segment #1/Officer
Marshall Herman '23: Announcer One/police officer/Officer
Nick Kychenthal '22: Announcer Two
Margot Steinhauser '21: Announcer Three
Juliette Jimenez '23: Announcer Four
Jessica Agran '23: Narrator, Announcer 5
Theresa Montalbano '21*: Willmuth/Operator/ Pierson in Segment 2
Lindsay Kartoz '21: Pierson in Segment #3
Emme Pham '22*:Secretary/McDonald/ Operator
Hung Yi (Katie) Hui '23: Smith/Observer/ Operator
Chris Hussey '22: Phillips/Observer
Ben Broach '21*: Stranger/Gunner
Tanat Chavapokin '22: Commander/Operator


Yajie Ma '22: Music Director, Piano, Flute
Damian Juth '21: Keyboard (Bass and Strings)
Manya Kaushik '21: Alto Saxophone
Nora Lee '23: Violin
Paige Pakenas '21: Drums and Trumpet
Angeluna Xu '24: Violin

*Commercial Team

Jess Agran '23, Nylah Lee '22, Theresa Montalbano '21, Ben Broach '21, Marshall Herman '23, Emme Pham '22, Nick Kychenthal '22

Production Team

Elizabeth Sherman: Producer/Director
Johannes Lang: Sound Engineer
Mikaela Chang: Assistant Director
Alan Michaels: Musical Coordinator/Consultant
Yajie (Jennifer) Ma '22: Musical Coordinator/Lead Musician
Eliana Boorstein '21: Student Commercial Coordinator
Labeena Hanif '21: Production Stage Manager
Neha Sathishkumar '21: Dramaturg/Assistant Director