Sarah Hogoboom ’13

My time at Peddie was my first exposure to cultures and people who were different than me,” said Sarah Hogoboom ’13. “Living in the dorm and taking classes with peers from all over the world really opened my mind and instilled in me a sense of responsibility to learn about everything going on in the world. Because of the desire to learn about the world, I took Mr. Nicholson’s Modern India class and went to India over spring break my junior year. It was an incredible experience.”

At Peddie, Hogoboom sought out leadership opportunities wherever she could find them. In addition to becoming Student Body President, she served on the Student Council, Disciplinary Committee and Faculty-Student Senate. She was also a member of the Cum Laude Society, captain of the Lacrosse team and a dorm prefect. Hogoboom’s natural leadership skills were developed at Peddie, as was her interest in globalism. One final piece of the puzzle – her early interest in education – led Hogoboom to where she is today.

After graduating from Hamilton College with a degree in world politics, Hogoboom was granted a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, a prestigious award that places U.S. students as English teaching assistants in schools and universities overseas. Hogoboom has previously studied in Nepal, Jordan and Chile through the School for International Training Honors Program in Human Rights, and her new assignment will take her to Vietnam, where she will help to improve Vietnamese students’ English language skills while increasing her own language skills at the same time.

“I think a lot of things from Peddie will stay with me throughout my life,” she said, “but I think two things in particular will help me in my career. The first is to be open to challenges. Peddie has taught me that new places, new people and new ideas can be trying, but also incredibly rewarding. Keeping an open mind to new perspectives has helped me prepare for opportunities when they present themselves and meet some amazing people.

“Second, at Peddie, I learned to always focus on relationships with other people. My relationships with friends and teachers helped me through some really tough times at Peddie, and I hope to pay that forward wherever I go and through whatever I end up doing.”