Brother culture

From left: Brothers Roger Kaufman ’52 and Herb Kaufman ’47

Distinguished physicians, brothers and alumni Roger Kaufman ’52 and Herb Kaufman ’47 look back on their years at Peddie with pride. Their time spent in the classroom here prepared them to make incredible contributions to the field of medicine.

Their mother, Claire, was determined that her sons should get a strong education, what she called “the gateway to college.” They enrolled at Peddie when the school offered a lower school education as well as high school. Herb enrolled first, in the fall of 1942.

Peddie developed not just the mind, but the whole “gestalt,” observed Herb, an award-winning ophthalmologist, pharmacologist and microbiologist who continued his studies at Harvard University and Princeton University. Peddie’s faculty promoted agency to their students in their coursework, telling them “you ought to and you can,” he said.

Roger arrived in 1944 as a fifth-grader and excelled in mathematics, public speaking and wrestling. The Princeton University- and Columbia University-educated otolaryngologist says he was at Peddie for so long — eight years — that coming back for reunion is like “coming home.”

“I love Peddie so much,” said Roger.

Brothers Herb Kaufman '47 and Roger Kaufman '52

From left: Brothers Herb Kaufman '47 and Roger Kaufman '52


Herb has published more than 850 books and articles and has trained many of the world’s leading ophthalmologists. He continues to work, pursuing patents and contributing to medicine. His greatest hope is to make available eyedrops he developed that eliminate the need for reading glasses. “If commercially feasible, this would allow me to do a lot more for Peddie,” he said.

Peddie’s focus on excellence, evolution and achievement is the catalyst for the brothers’ gifts. Their relationship with Peddie fills them with pride and motivates them to safeguard a bright future for the school: Both men established charitable gift annuities to benefit their beloved alma mater.

“I’m a loyal Peddie man,” Roger said. “My eight formative years at Peddie set me up for acceptance at Princeton.”

“This is why I give,” added Herb. “Institutions like Peddie are really important to preserve.”