Make someone else smile

Daniel Funderbirk ’19 travelled a long way to become part of the Peddie community. “I’m from Georgia, so I miss my parents and siblings, but I have definitely adjusted to life at Peddie,” he says. “It feels like home!”

Daniel brings to Peddie his love of family, football and giving back to the community. He plays JV Football and has participated in a number of Peddie’s community service outreach opportunities, including performances at the Meadow Lakes retirement community, as well as continuing service at his old school back in Georgia. “I believe that if everyone does something to make the environment better, make someone else smile or put less work on someone else, the world will become better,” he says. “I like helping others, and I find my greatest reward is their happiness.”

He’s also an avid musician who takes classes in music theory and performance. Recently, Daniel portrayed Gaston in the freshman musical. “I never thought I would be acting, singing and dancing at the same time. I recently performed in the freshman musical, our rendition of Beauty and the Beast. I never pictured myself in musical theater, but being on stage was fun and easy for me. I hope to participate in many future performances while at Peddie.”

Daniel is a gifted student and a valuable member of Peddie’s community, but he might not be here if it weren’t for the Armellino Scholarship. “It encourages me to work harder to succeed, and is a reminder that I can do anything that I am committed to,” says Daniel. “It helps me focus on never giving up no matter what obstacles stand in my way. Mr. Armellino is an incredibly generous man and a role model. As a Peddie alumnus, he wants to help potential students become successful just like he is, and I am so thankful for that. Giving back is such an important part of Peddie.”