Faculty profile: Jenate Brown

“While most teenagers have intense beliefs,” said English teacher Jenate Brown, “Peddie students have a knack for sharing their beliefs with others in ways that encourage engagement and awareness. They are incredible leaders because they are constantly trying to get people involved, they are committed to spreading awareness and understanding, which is an amazing desire to see in students.”


Brown joined Peddie’s English Department in 2015. A graduate of The Lawrenceville School in 2006 and Princeton University in 2010, she was selected as part of the Baltimore City Teaching Fellow program, which places recent college graduates committed to raising student achievement in Baltimore’s highest need schools. Brown spent time as a special education teacher before becoming a secondary teacher at New Era Academy in Baltimore. In addition to her work in the classroom, Brown is the head coach of the girls’ junior varsity basketball team and the faculty resident in Masters North. She teaches freshman humanities and English elective courses like Unheard Voices and Urban Storytelling: The Art of the Hip-Hop Narrative.


“In Baltimore, I valued exposing students to literature they would otherwise never have experienced,” she said. “What was missing, though, were the educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Having gone to a boarding school, I knew that deeper connections with students were possible. For me, what set Peddie apart was the students.”


In the classroom, Brown studies modern and diverse texts and encourages a broad spectrum of approaches to literature and thought in an effort to excite and engage her students.


“I try to capitalize on their engagement by making my classroom a space that is safe for all ideas that are logical and grounded in the text,” Brown said. “Creating such a space makes students willing to try to think unconventionally and feel rewarded when they do. Forcing that kind of thinking makes students excited about getting their ideas across on paper and excited about doing it clearly and thoroughly."