A golden opportunity to reconnect

From left: Lee Herrick ’71, Pete Schultz ’71, Bill Means ’71, Bruce Tucker ’71, Jim Maskas ’71, Tom Somerville ’71, Bob Hartmann ’71, Brent Wham ’71 and Dave Bair ’73

The Class of 1971 graduated from Peddie amidst news of the Pentagon Papers, 26th Amendment and the largest-ever anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C. The 1971 Old Gold and Blue begins with this illuminating inscription from the student body, reflective of that era’s political and cultural upheaval. 

“As students, as people, we want peace for America. But this means a change in her policy and in her people. Just as change has happened here at Peddie (hopefully a change that goes beyond a relaxed dress and hair code), we also hope that change can take place in America.”
—The Old Gold and Blue, 1971

Fifty years later, after COVID-19 delayed their much-anticipated spring reunion, members of the Class of 1971 returned to campus last weekend for a fall mini-reunion. 
“There was much disappointment when the June reunion was postponed, but we were confident about hosting a fall event on campus,” said Director of Major Gifts Doug Seaberg, who organized the mini-reunion. “The weekend was envisioned as a class gathering to raise awareness and interest in a full reunion in June 2022.”
Alumni were treated to a student-led campus tour as part of the golden anniversary festivities. “Many of the buildings are new and modern, but the vibe is very much the same as I remembered,” observed Brent Wham ’71. “Peering into the classrooms with the students in Saturday morning classes brought back familiar memories.”
“We showed our Peddie tour guide where the original Peddie pool was under Geiger-Reeves,” Wham added.

Members of Peddie’s 1970 undefeated hall of fame football team participated in the Peddie-Pennington football pregame coin toss and halftime ceremony.
“Lots of memories on that field,” said former defensive back Wham. “And, really, memories of all the Peddie athletic venues.”

1970 Peddie football coin toss

Jim Maskas ’71 was the honorary coin toss captain for the Peddie-Pennington football game.

“It was an honor to welcome you home,” Seaberg told the attendees. “Having you here sends an important message to students that the Peddie family is deeper and wider than what they see on campus every day. Peddie is built upon relationships and experiences that span many generations.”
“I was so happy to see everyone that made it back,” said Bill Means ’71. “Peddie was where I turned my life to an upward slope and realized what I could do.”
Members of the Class of 1971 remain committed to returning to Peddie next June to join the Class of 1970 and the Class of 1972 for a triple-year 50th Reunion.

Peddie 1970 football halftime ceremony

From left: Head of School Peter Quinn joins former teammates Brent Wham ’71, Dave Bair ’73, Bill Means ’71, Bruce Tucker ’71 and Jim Maskas ’71 as they are honored during halftime at the Peddie-Pennington football game on October 23, 2021.