Making waves

John Lazenby ’96, hotel and restaurant wine division manager for Breakthru Beverage Group in Miramar, Florida, talks about being the former face of Battleship, the classic naval combat game.

John Lazenby and his roomate play battleship

How did you become one of the faces of the Battleship game?

The owner of a modeling agency discovered me at an Atlanta shopping mall when I was about six years old. I convinced my parents to let me continue in the industry after we moved to Boston several years later. One of the first job offers I received was the Battleship box. It went to print about a year later and remained the cover image until I was in college.

Did the subject ever come up in conversation while you were at Peddie?

People found out quickly. My roommate, Nick Klingensmith ’97, and I attempted to recreate the image. (See photo above.)

What is your fondest Peddie memory?

I spoke at a luncheon attended by Walter Annenberg in the fall of 1993. Annenberg’s gift to Peddie transformed my life. I was motivated to work hard to prove to Mr. Annenberg and Peddie that my financial aid award was a good decision by the school. I was proud to be there and tell my story.

Do you have any other claims to fame?

Trying to be a good husband and father to my wife, Rachel, and our 9-year-old daughter, Alexandria.

Ever play Battleship these days?

Alexandria gets a kick out of seeing me on the box. A few months ago, she beat me without me letting her … I couldn’t believe it!