Around the world with Kristen Silvi ’15

Kristen Silvi ’15 is looking forward to working in the securities division at Goldman Sachs in New York City this summer. Her new position comes just weeks after completing a trip around the world.

Silvi graduated early from Lehigh University in December with bachelor’s degrees in finance and industrial engineering and then spent three months traveling to Central America, India, South East Asia and Europe.

Her first stop was Honduras, where she volunteered with her father, Silvio P’12 ’15 ’20, at Amigos de Jesús, a home for abandoned, abused and impoverished children. Though Silvi and her father have supported the organization at fundraising events in the U.S., this was the duo’s first trip to Honduras.

Kristen Silvi '15 and her father volunteer in Honduras

Kristen Silvi ’15 and her father Silvio Silvi P’12 ’15 ’20 volunteer at Amigos de Jesús in Honduras.

“It is a much different experience and impact volunteering at the Honduras location,” said Silvi. “We were able to see first-hand the unconditional love and happiness the children embodied. I formed close bonds with the children since we were living amongst them the entire time.”

This wasn’t her first service trip. When she was a junior at Peddie, Silvi volunteered in the Dominican Republic for Outreach360, a program that focuses on educating disadvantaged children.

Silvi credits Peddie for her go-getter spirit.

“At Peddie, you are given a lot of freedom and responsibility at a young age. It is because of this that you learn how to make your own decisions, figure out what motivates you and learn to speak up and speak out,” she said.